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Hope to the hopeless can take on many forms. Sometimes it’s changing the quality of someone’s life by a simple project. For example, we have built a kitchen for a lady (see before and after photos) and a bed for a single dad and his children in Haiti. Sometimes it looks like preaching the gospel. Dealing Hope has done this through sharing the Jesus film as well as standing and teaching groups of people. It can also be through medicine or by providing tuition. Maybe it’s even as simple as hanging out with someone who feels hopeless. The way that we deal hope ranges from big to small, however we believe that acts of love, generosity, and kindness will plant seeds in the hearts of individuals and allow their quality of life to change.

Dealing Hope is currently partnered with a ministry in Haiti called Redeem United. While Dealing Hope had missionaries in Haiti for a 5-month period, the missionaries of Redeem United as well as the many Haitian family members and staff that surround them are the hands and feet of this organization in Haiti. Dealing Hope plans to send more teams to Haiti to complete future projects as well that are in need of extra assistance.

While Dealing Hope is a supporter of short-term mission trips, we invite you to pray about partnering with a community project because this will allow a job to get done by the hands of a Haitian. When you pay for a community project, you also provide employment for laborers in the community of Haiti. If there is a specific project you would like to see fulfilled, please communicate with us and let’s make it happen!

We understand that sometimes we need extra hands and expertise for certain projects, so if you are interested in a short-term trip, we want to make that happen as well. 

In America, Dealing Hope is currently creating t-shirt designs that will help with the overall general funding and sometimes towards specific funds that will Deal Hope. We also deal hope through our hope center, which is a christian clothing center dedicated to provided security and hope to those in need by providing clothing.

The ultimate goal of Dealing Hope is to serve wholeheartedly, to build trust, and to use that trust to teach others of our Heavenly Father. At the end of the day, He is the only one who can provide the hope we are looking for. With that understanding engraved in our hearts as a ministry, we want to preach this to those we serve. We want others to know that they are never alone and that our Father in Heaven loves them with a love so deep that He is willing to tear down any wall that they have built up. He is willing to meet them wherever they are at, no matter how dark of a place that might be. And He isn't scared of our dark places, he just wants us to let Him into them. 

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