Trusting God in your Inadequacy

“I stood before you feeling inadequate, filled with reverence for God, and trembling under the sense of the importance of my words.” 1 Corinthians 2:3

In this letter to the Corinthian church, Paul addresses how he refused to hide behind fancy words and theology and simply relied on the power of the gospel.

I believe we all go through seasons of feeling inadequate. My worry is that many times we stop there and believe that we aren’t good enough for God to use. We don’t read on to verses 4 and 5. Paul goes on to teach us that it’s more important to have faith in the Holy Spirit’s power than on human wisdom alone.

So yes, we have areas where we are weak, and we can’t do anything on our own. But God is the Almighty, The Creator, the Dream-Giver, and the Keeper of Promises. We don’t need eloquent words or persuasive, intelligent, theological arguments. The power of God and the gospel speaks for itself. The love and glory of God makes itself known.

God is bigger than what we are not. God chooses ordinary people to do his extraordinary work. His children are made enough through the blood of his son Jesus. We do not need to have all the right words, but we do need a deep reverence and love for Him and the truth that He gives us. Don’t let the fear of inadequacies keep you from walking in obedience and boldness in God. Let them give you a reason to fall even deeper in surrender to Him and give him more permission to come move through you because we know that He is good and He is faithful and He is powerful enough to move through us.

Give Him the doubts, give Him your trust, and watch Him move in amazing ways.

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