Why the Name Dealing Hope?

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

It all basically started the night all hope had drained from my body. Any childlike faith was completely gone and man did I bring others down with me. I was a black hole that was endlessly draining away any happiness that found it's way near me. I couldn’t get a grip and the only way I saw out of this pain was to simply end my life. I knew deep down I would be missed and I needed to fight, but the pain seemed to outweigh any will to fight. I could seem to get nothing right and there was no hope. But something changed my life. Somehow on this journey called life, I ended up on a weeklong mission trip with a bunch of college students in the country of Haiti where I witnessed a miracle. I witnessed children who had sustained abuse, neglect, loss, and heartache beyond our wildest dreams praising God and continuing life with a smile on their faces. It seemed bizarre to me and I wanted to understand more. It was on that very trip where I started to let God into my heart and I later learned He never really stopped pursuing me. God took my heart and began to teach me and show me His way. I will never forget hope as it shined light into my life like the sun after a long, dark night. I felt myself come alive again. I felt as though I could be myself. Day after day I continued to pursue Him and slowly I’ve seen Him use me as a vessel to pursue others, to give them this light of hope too.

Hope declares future. Hope declares a reason to fight. And it is only found in His name. Hope is not the absence sadness or struggle, but it is the means to carry on. And it is only found in the name of Jesus. It cannot be found anywhere else.

Christine Caine shared this story once that a good friend of hers came to school one day with ecstasy pills that she had stored away from a rave. This friend told Christine that it was the happiest experience of her life, that these little pills brought her hope and she had to save her a pill so she could experience it. Christine says that in that moment she was stricken with the reality that she had known the gospel her whole life and had never shared it with her. Her friend was a better friend because the moment she thought she found the key to life, she shared it with those she loved. She could have saved that pill for herself, but she so desperately wanted her friend to experience the same happiness she had found. My friends, we have a hope that is much greater than any pill we might have sitting in our back pocket, and we need to be sharing it.

When we love something, we want to share it. We want others to have a taste of it. When we experience something good and life changing, we hope others can find that too. Well, that is why we deal the hope. And those that we deal hope to will eventually do the same.

In scripture, we always see God using people as a vessel to spread the gospel. In Acts when Jesus commands us to go out and spread the gospel to all nations, He expects His followers to do that. Some might call it evangelism, but I’ve learned to call it dealing hope. See God has taken the life of one who once dealt drugs and has taught me to deal hope. And I believe that he can deal hope to whatever area of your life feels hopeless right now. Or maybe He wants to use you to deal the hope of His name to others. Matthew 12:21 says “In His name, the nations will place their hope.” I want to stand on that. Together, we can deal hope to the hopeless.

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