The Power of One

Okay so a pay it forward movement. I don’t understand. Why would I support this? This can be done in America…

And you’re right. It can be. And I hope that we can start something here in America as well. But there is great need on every corner in Haiti. No matter where my feet step, there are people in need and people who have turned to voodoo in determination to find healing rather than to our God. Kids are selling themselves to sex everywhere in order to provide money for their family. Families are sending their kids with strangers hoping they will get education when really they are just becoming slaves. Nobody knows where to turn or what to do to bring income. I believe that by stepping foot into this country and starting to just be present with them and see them we can make a change. But not a change that directs them back to Dealing Hope or a dependence on our missionaries. A change that they know they can have in their hearts forever, and it’s God. It’s Jesus of the bible and not the Jesus they know in voodoo. Friends they need taught, and from there they will teach.

The vision is to maybe save one from sex trafficking, heal one from a disease, bring medicine to another, or formula so a baby will survive. We will strive to gain their trust, to learn about their lives, and to give all glory to God in the process. It’s not about “Dealing Hope” it’s about seeing God change others lives and seeing them teach others of who they are because of Christ. The dream is to eventually share the testimonies of other Haitians to their community and to see the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimonies change the Haitian community. We desire to teach them the difference between Christianity and voodooism so that they can teach their brothers and sisters. We expect to see God raise up Haitian men and women who will change generations to come. I believe it starts with one.

There is a story of a boy on a beach that has stuck with me throughout my Christian walk. The story goes that a boy was on a beach where millions of starfish were on the shore that were shriveling up and dying unless someone got them back into the water. So the boy is throwing them in one by one as fast as he can when an old man comes down to ask the boy what he was doing. The boy tells him that he is trying to save all of the starfish. The old man points around the shore and tells him that what he is doing is pointless because he will never get to all the starfish in time. The boy picks one up, looks the man in the eyes, tosses him far into the ocean, and says, “I made a difference to that one.”

So that is where this ministry will start. With making differences in others lives and giving them opportunities to come home to our loving Heavenly Father. We will keep in mind the importance of one.

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