Simple Rest

We all desire an intimate & “close” relationship with Jesus. We tend to try & do all the right things, read the correct books, get around the right people, & spend the right amount of time in the word daily. Doing these things makes us feel better, but this isn’t grace, we can’t earn what God has given so freely. So many of us Christians work hard in our daily life with a mindset fixed on Jesus like we are supposed to, but we view him at the wrong distance. Its where he is that changes your perspective forever. (Hebrews 12:2)

Here is what I mean, if we always have our eyes locked on Jesus as if He is 100 feet away, we will be deceived, and even 5 feet away. That is not where Jesus is. If we view our Lord at any distance away from us we will always have a performance mindset of trying to get closer through our many hours spent in prayer, worship, reading, church, and other actions. I am not saying that these actions are bad, I am saying that without the correct perspective these actions cause us to strive instead of using them as a communion material in which they were made. Child of God, we will miss the fullness of life Jesus wants you to have in Him if you are always trying to get “closer” or “more intimate”. Through this we miss the mark and dive into an illusion of thinking that we can obtain this rest through our efforts, which only creates a performance mentality that leaves us stressed out and dry.

Beloved, what if we just need a perspective shift to change where we tend to place our great Lord and allow his word to give a glimpse into just how “close” we are with our Deliverer.

The problem isn’t our heart most the time, but a pre-programed mindset that we have inherited since the fall of man that needs to be re-wired back to the truth. Our fallen nature automatically places us intellectually in a disadvantage to acknowledge the truth of where we stand with Christ & only the penetrating word of Christ can deliver us from the mindset of the flesh which always strives to obtain more of Jesus, thinking of him as a distanced Savior. (Romans 12:2)

What if Jesus just wants us to rest? He has sat down in our mercy seat, which declares what He shouted out from the cross, “IT IS FINISHED”. In John 17 Jesus prays for us to be made one with him, oneness isn’t just close, but closer than close, its union. We are unified with Christ, this is the perspective that changed Paul’s life and allowed him to truly say in Galatians “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me”. There is no distance in union. (1 Corinthians 6:17)

Beloved, ask that you may understand you share the same breath as the Father shares with the Son. This is the Holy Breath that Jesus breathed upon his disciples in John 20 which unifies us with the Father, Son, & Spirit. It’s His heart’s desire to assure you and He will.

You are one with Jesus. Simply rest in his finished work. Transformation happens through Holy Spirit, through simple rest & the faith to stand on and declare in the finished work of your Lord. Your striving is only to continue to believe & live in this finished work. What if I wake up every morning simply just to receive the love of the Father already given to me in Jesus? How does that change your life & habits of performance to simple rest in Jesus? This is the simplicity of the Gospel.

Rest in this awareness and fight to remain in this rest, I can assure you, you are not fighting alone. It is just this that our battle is. We have been placed in the heavenly places with Christ, seated with him. And to be seated with him means the rest for your soul has come. Abide.

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