Scary Obedience

Matthew 14:29 “Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.”

Giving God our yes can be so scary. It’s not because God can’t do and take care of what He has called us to do. It’s because sometimes what God calls us to do is nothing that we ourselves are capable of. When we decide to step out of the boat and walk on water towards Jesus I don’t believe it comes without fear. But what if fear is not the absence of faith, but rather the means to step out in faith? Without fear, we wouldn’t need faith because we would falsely believe ourselves to be invincible.

When we step out and do something greater than ourselves or outside of our own capacity of doing it is scary because we no longer have control. We are faced with the realization that if God doesn’t come through, our task is pointless. If God doesn’t stick to His promise, what we are doing, dreaming, or pursuing will not work out. We have to give him complete control.

Acts 4:13 shows us that there is power in the ordinary. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary works. It’s not to bring glory to those people, but to bring glory to Him. When we are bold enough to live a life of faith that represents the power of our God through our unqualified selves, it changes the lives of those around us and it allows God to move.

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