Knowing: Despite what you feel.

I am a child of God. And if you have a relationship with Jesus, you are too. So many times I think we are still asking God if we can be His child rather than taking hold of the reality that we already are. And being a child of God means that we are granted all the promises He has given us because God is true to His word.

That means that when God says He loves you, you are loved. Even when you feel unloveable, you can know that you are loved. Even when you may feel alone, God promises He is with us.

We have to know we are forgiven or else we will constantly question if we are forgiven.

We have to know that we matter and have purpose or else we start to try and feel that we matter somewhere else.

In faith we have to believe Gods promises to be true. What might that be for you today? Take some time to pray and ask God to show you in scripture what He says about you.

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