Journeying With Jesus

Jesus has invited all of us on a journey with him, each individuals calling being unique, and fit to their personality and characteristics. Regardless of what it is God wants you to trust him in it all, giving him everything you have and all that you are. He wants you to surrender your right to your own strength and rely on his powerful hand to hold, keep, and lead you onward toward your heavenly calling. Never stop seeking after His heart, for he loves to reveal it to his children. Every step further into your destiny has its trials and obstacles, but don’t lose heart, He who has called you is faithful to fulfill it, and He will. When God speaks something into existence it does not return back to him void, it always comes back fruitful and fulfilling its intended purpose. What God has spoken to you and led you to do, no matter how crazy, or how much you don’t understand, do not fear for he is always with you. Be open to his leading, always listening to the many ways He speaks and be willing to change plans and be interrupted.

There are many things in God’s heart for you that you have not even opened slightly to see what he wants to lead you into. The Father loves you so much, ask him what is on his heart for you today!

In my own journey I have seen that our Father sometimes calls us to things just to test us to see if we will say yes, I know this is how it has been for me. Last April Jesus called me to leave the country with a church-plant organization to move to South America. Wanting nothing other than the Lords will and to be obedient I said yes to his clear leading. Then after stepping out in faith I learned how to fundraise and get partnerships with family and friends through sharing my vision for the ministry I was about to go into.

Then, all of a sudden God started doing some crazy things in my life as it was about a month away from leaving for South America, he placed someone in my life that was going to be moving to another country in a few months as well. As I continued to seek Papa God in prayer he started to be clear to me that he was starting to change my plans again and recalibrate my heart. One night after feeling out of peace I went into my room alone and just spent a few hours seeking Jesus in prayer & clarity on his leading, when Holy Spirit put 2 Corinthians 2:12 into the front of my mind without even having the bible open. So, I flipped open the word and found the scripture given to me which said, “When I came to Troas to preach the Gospel of Christ, although a door was opened for me in the Lord, my spirit was not at rest because my brother Titus was not there, so I took leave of them and went on to Macedonia.” Then I said, “okay Lord, what does this mean”, he then said, “Personalize it”, so I did and it spoke directly into the situation.

After God being gracious and giving me more clarity after that I ended up taking leave of the organization that I was going with to South America and joined another organization where God was calling me to move to Haiti to do ministry there.

In this process my flesh & the enemy started to tell me all about how I wasn’t hearing right and that I was crazy to have spent 8 months preparing & gathering support to now change my plans to move to Haiti. Thoughts like, “If I am hearing this right to move to Haiti, then I have heard Gods voice wrong in everything prior”. Fear and anxiety tried to latch on to me. But God continued to show his faithfulness and give me clarity on the path I was now to take. Through the light of his word he tore through all the darkness trying to latch on and showed me the truth.

Don’t be scared when/if your plans are re-routed or changed, He is there, He has a plan, and He will show you. God is so faithful in all, he continues to prove himself trustworthy and show his amazing love for us. As God changes your heart, your plans will change as well. We are not the leaders of our journeys with God, the Spirit of Jesus who we have given lordship of our lives and the leading of our spirit is. Whenever God takes us deeper within his heart, there is always a purging that takes place, as we humble ourselves before him to be aligned with his will. Our Father is always refining us, this process does not feel good at all at times, but it is not the flesh we live by, it is by the Spirit. Father continues to lead us to new levels of trust as we willfully choose his way is better than ours and it’s all we want.

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