Agreement & Love are not Synonyms

One of the most efficient ways I am challenged is to study a side of an argument I disagree with. It can be so easy to make up our mind and move on! Some of the toughest topics, we take the answers from those around, develop an opinion, then challenge other opinions without ever listening.

I am someone who really enjoys having tough conversations, even if I and the person I am conversing with disagree. I remember I had talked to a co worker the other day and he said “I just never share my opinion, because sharing it will never change the other persons mind. Nobody is listening to your opinion and going to decide to chan he theirs.” To which is say, “but shouldn’t we be?” I have been thinking about that, and while there is a lot of truth in those words, it also saddens my heart.

I just want to challenge you to take some time to learn about something you disagree with. People feel passionate on the opposite for a reason, they aren’t just dumb for not seeing what you see. If you can approach something open minded, you might find yourself having a change in opinion. If nothing else, you can at least say you’ve take time to understand the other side. And you might even feel yourself having compassion for someone or something in a way you never thought you could.

My heart hurts at the amount of disagreeing and argument that is filling the minds and hearts of so many. This division is saddening.

I challenge you to just listen. I challenge you to have conversations face to face where you end saying “hey I love you, I get your point, I agree to disagree.” Or “man I never thought about it like that.” Or “hey I think I’m kind of in the middle here. I see your side but this side of it is just really important to me personally.”

I promise it’s okay to not have the same opinion. I have plenty of friends who I disagree with on certain subjects. That doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. It means I have people in my life who continually push me to grow.

If you surround yourself only with the people who agree with you, you will never grow.

Never forget to remain teachable. Never forget it’s okay to agree to disagree.

Please for a moment, just take time to listen without getting defensive. I applaud everyone as they fight for what they believe is right, but silencing, shaming, and attacking the voices of people who disagree with you is not how you win.

Agreement is not equivalent to love.

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