A Letter To Non-Ministry Majors

While the language is often different, what I keep hearing from non-ministry majors attending Christian schools goes something like this: I don’t know if God can use me if I am not majoring or planning on working in ministry.

I am not sure where this line of thinking has come from and I know that the school you go to doesn’t believe this. This is a lie that the enemy wants you to believe. He wants you to think that you are less of a Christian if you don’t major in ministry. He wants you to believe that God can’t use you in the public schools and or in businesses. He wants you to believe that God can’t use you if you are working from home. If you are working in marketing. If you are an accountant. If you are a school teacher. Nurse. Banker. The list goes on and on.

I want you to hear this from me, you are not a JV Christian if you aren’t working or planning on working at a church or ministry. You’re not lesser than a person who is called to plant churches, become a missionary, or a children’s minister. Please don’t believe that God can’t use you in the place that he is calling you if it means working outside of the church.

For far too long we have elevated some callings above other callings. This isn’t something that is exclusive to Christian Universities, but it is a worldwide Christian problem. We have failed to mention that all callings are useable to the kingdom of God.

For those of you who are majoring in ministry or planning on it who come across this letter, please know that this letter doesn’t lessen your calling to ministry. However, I hope that it opens your eyes to the majority of people who are not called to the same thing you are. I pray that you would be a champion of not only your own calling but those who aren’t called to ministry and elevate their calling to the proper place that it deserves.

I believe that it is time that we elevate all callings to the same playing field and we begin to believe in everyone’s calling not only those who are called to work in ministry.

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