A Big Picture

A bicycle is made up of multiple parts that have to function and work together in order for a bicycle to operate properly. If there were no pedals, feet could not push them for the bike to move forward. If there was no chain, there would be no system ordering the wheels to move.

Every part has a specific function. And every part added together creates the whole.

My fear is that modern Christianity has started to focus on parts of the Bible and not the whole. Through this process, I believe we have created a type of faith that says “Jesus loves me and forgives me of my sins so I’ll see y’all in heaven.” It’s as if we have started to worship salvation instead of God himself. We think that the only important thing about Jesus is the chance of a getting out of hell free card.

I want to challenge you for a second though.

Like the bike, there are many different parts that we need to understand to have a full picture of the gospel.

Yes, Jesus came to die for our sins. But outside of salvation, what is the significance of this? What does this mean for Israel, and how does it bring the Old Testament to life? Is God worth following even if we have to give up everything in the process and why?

There is so much that our eyes need to be opened to and it truly starts with understanding the whole outline of the Bible and not just being satisfied with knowing a part.

Being able to ride a bike is so much cooler than holding a piece of the handle bar and thinking that we are riding a bike.

The parts are important, but take time to understand the whole.

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