The Haitian people are very prone to diabetes.  As you know, diabetes in America is very expensive and it is not different here in Haiti.  The average cost to provide a diabetic patient with insulin is $150 per month. When we provide patients with insulin, we also provide them with the education they need to manage their illness.  


They are taught how to care for and manage their health with the diagnosis of diabetes. The patients in this program are required to have tried all oral medication to control their diabetes before we can provide them with insulin.  

Medical Funding

In Haiti, people are working so hard just to eat every day and take care of the basics. When an emergency hits a family, it is completely devastating. Families often have to watch their family members die because they don’t have the funds to get them the care they need. We have been able to step in and help several families financially during medical emergencies. When we provide funds during an emergency, we not only provide for the medical care, but we also help with other needs during the crisis. For example: when dad is injured and away getting medical help, the person at the hospital caring for him will also need help with food and such. The family at home will probably also need help with some basics, because their provider is not working. The cost of each emergency varies tremendously, but we are happy that we can stand in the gap in times of need.

A recent story we have involving medical funding involves a young man named Henry! Henry was hit by a car in 2008 and his family was unable to afford surgery to correct his injuries, do to the faithful giving of donors, Dealing Hope was able to fully fund his surgery! 

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